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Class Details

All classes are from 9am to 4pm, and are one day only...unless otherwise indicated.  Classes include gourds, all materials, and some shared class tools.  Bring your own tools if you have them.  Wear old clothes/apron and bring a sack lunch.  Call or email to register .  Class will be canceled if less than 3 people sign up.

Directions and Contact Info

 14944 W. Walking Stick Way
Surprise, Az.  85374
(623) 261-2340


Beginning Tool Class (Sat.-16 Mar. ) $55


 This  class is an introduction...or reminder of how to cut, clean, transfer  patterns, wood burn, carve, dye and finish gourds. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOUR FIRST CLASS.  Bring tools  (Dremel-carver, wood burner, and gourd saw if you have them).  I will share mine if you don't. ***This class and/or any other class can be individually scheduled  with 3 or more students.  

Botanical Pod Bowl (Sat.- 23 Mar. ) $65


A simple, yet artistic design will be burned around the bowl and painted, using "warm and cool" divided colors.  Botanicals will be attached to complete texture and interest.  Bring: wood burner, dremel carver,  heat tool, and gourd saw.

"Chubby With An Attitude" (Sat.-4 May ) $65


Still a favorite gourd figure to make...the Chubby provides a good experience of wood burning and painting with ink dyes.  Colorful feathers, agate base, and classy beads adorn this fun friend you won't forget.  Bring: wood burner and heat tool.

Bear Shard Bowl (Sat.-30 March ) $65


A little bit of burning, cutting (bear pattern provided), painting, & carving results in your very own "Bear Shard Bowl" with batik fabric and "turquoise" accent piece.  Bring: dremel carver,  wood burner, & gourd saw, if you have them.

"Botanica" Spirit Figure (Sat.-13 Apr.) $70


A Spirit Figure standing on an agate slice will be the main attraction, when adorned with a variety of real botanicals.  Special pieces can be chosen for the head dress and front.  Bring wood burner, heat tool,  and dremel carver.

Petroglyph Gourd Clock (Sat.-27 Apr. ) $70


"It's about time" you told time with a gourd clock!  Create your own unique petroglyph time piece.  Clock workings and batteries provided.  Bring: wood burner, heat tool, and dremel.

Pine Needle Bear ( Sat.-20 Apr. ) $70

A different approach from "coiling on top" is introduced with this "side coil" technique, and adds t

A different approach from "coiling on the top" is introduced with this "side coil" technique, and adds to the unique design of this gourd.  Iconic bears march around the ring of gold leaf and completes the artistic piece. Bring:  wood burner, heat tool, and gourd saw.

Faux Beaded Rosette Bowl


The beading on this gourd looks real...but it isn't.  It's puff paint.  The beaded rosettes are real and ready to be attached.  Bring:  wood burner, heat tool, and gourd saw. .

Classy Feather Mask


Although this mask is small...it speaks BIG design and creativity!  Choose from samples of different designs or make your own face.  We will burn the design, paint it with ink dyes, and then add feathers in an easy and effective way.  Bring: wood burner and heat tool.

S. W. Gourd Mask Clock


Back by popular request...make a functional, as well as beautiful piece of art.  Feathers, porcupine quills, leather, cones, and other materials supplied.  Bring:  wood burner and heat tool.

Half Suns Bowl


Need practice burning straight and/or curved lines?  This is a great class for woodburning, painting with ink dyes, & carving...resulting in a beautiful bowl!  Bring dremel, woodburner, heat tool, and gourd saw if you have them. 

Wild and Wooley Chubby


This little spirit figure is full of imagination and creativity.  Come wrap and adorn your Chubby with tremendous trinkets, colorful fibers, and fabulous feathers!  You can never have too much fun!!  Bring: wood burner